Dr. Mohan Choudhary Memorial Foundation, an NGO driven by strong passion to alleviate the suffering of a section of society who are deprived of the basic facilities like healthcare, rehabilitation, food, shelter etc. The organization drives many welfare and awareness programs like education to all, population control, plantation which shapes society into a better place to live.

About Us

DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, a non-government organization is located in Darbhanga, Bihar. The foundation is registered as a Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trust Act 1882 with registration number 67/4. The registration was done on July 22, 2015. The honourable members of the organization are: Sri Vijay Kumar Choudhary (Managing Trustee), Smt. Bimala Singh (Trustee), Md.Shafique (Trustee), Mr. Abinash Chandra Ojha (Trustee), Mrs.Munni Kumari (Trustee).


Major activities of the organization are as follows:


Dr. Mohan Chaudhary Memorial Foundation is committed to providing education and support to marginalized children. Recognizing the challenges faced by these children due to socioeconomic constraints and limited access to educational opportunities..


Our NGO is dedicated to effective disaster management and response. We actively engage in preparedness measures, such as conducting training programs, developing emergency response plans and building resilient infrastructure.


Our NGO is dedicated to supporting women by addressing their basic needs and empowering them towards a better future. We provide essential necessities such as food, shelter and healthcare while also offering educational and vocational training programs.


Our organization is committed to promoting inclusivity and empowerment for individuals with disabilities. We focus on creating a supportive environment through advocacy, education and skill development programs.


Our organization focuses on improving public health through various initiatives. We work diligently to provide access to healthcare services, raise awareness about preventive measures and implement sustainable health programs in underserved communities.

HOSPITAL (Under Construction)

Free hospitals for poor people around the india. These hospitals provide free or low-cost medical care to people who cannot afford to pay for it. They are often funded by DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION or Donations..


Sri Nand Kishor Choudhary


The settler being father of such a great personality had a desire to offer his child in service of mankind particularly physically challenged suffering persons of our nation. The settler is also a great social worker. The Settler wants to quench this desire burning his through a separate Foundation. To meet this pious objective the author has desires to establish a trust for public charitable purpose..


Vijay Kumar Choudhary as Managing Trustee


Mr. Vijay Being Elder Brother of such a great personality has actively participated with Dr. Choudhary in his objectives and after his demise he started this NGO in his name to fulfill his uncompleted dreams. In spite of that he is very active social worker in his area and also Ex-Mukhiya of Godaipatti.


Bimla Singh


Mrs. Bimla Singh is a great social worker and she is always there for upliftment of women. She always works for betterment and bringing a better life to the women.


Munni Kumari


Mrs. Munni Kumari is a school teacher; apart from teaching she is social worker who is always there for the society


Abhinash Chandra Ojha


Mr. Abhnash Chandra Ojha is a retired govt. employee and also a great social worker. He uses his working experience with government to the welfare and betterment of the people


Md. Shafique as Treasurer


Md Shafique is very noble person and also a social worker



DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION pursues the world's most important value - equality - and works to end the injustice being done in the name of forward caste. By so doing, the Foundation works for the whole of humankind. It’s deep commitment to social justice and human rights for all.

Based on the believe of EQUITY, JUSTICE & CO-OPERATION to formulate, organized and operate the all projects/programmed Master plan etc. For the Speedy integrated sustainable RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, for TOTAL rehabilitation, welfare and development of farmers/labors rural citizen and establish, to be counted among the most pioneering innovative farmer focused and self supporting organization and make INDIA as GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL HERITAGE.

→ Introduce the latest tested technologies [LAB & LAND] into farm and farm product development Infrastructure for complete break-through and adaption of technologies in Agriculture.

→ To undertake, organize and carry out all the development activities regarding Agriculture regarding water ,soil, climate and environment changes, watershed development, special programmed for farmers in distress, farmer and farm laborer welfare, HRD in farm sector, technology dissemination and management market and marketing, National and international trade matters, farm mechanization ‘income assurance and crop insurance, Agriculture Credit ,rural deposit mobilization, Utilities crop husbandry, livestock development, animal nutrition, mechanization in animal husbandry livestock development, animal nutrition, mechanization in animal husbandry quality improvements in animal food production, poultry development, seeds and planting material development, Fertilizers and plant nutrients, pesticides management, value addition and processing,inland fisheries development, energy smart agriculture promotion high tech farming management, Farm information and communication system development, conduct agricultural researches in biotechnologies and Genetically Modified [GM] crops, optimum utilizes of Farm/land, Database of land and utilities, utilities of alternative energies in agriculture sector as well as rural population.

→ To shape-up the innovative ideas formulated and undertake the project of Human Resource Development, Health and Family Welfare, Rural Engineering and Development, MSME Projects, Food processing, Housing And Development, Housing and Urban development, Women and child Development Poverty Alleviation Projects, Sustainable Development Projects, Labour & Employment Generation programmes, New and Renewal Energy Research and utilities programs, Minority Affairs and Forest Development Programmes, Information Technologies Research and Utilities Programmes, Water Resource Management Programmes, Economic Development programme, Youth Affairs and Development programme,Tribals Rehabilitation, Welfare AND Development programmes, Human Right issues, Conservation And Protection, Legal Right Generation Programmes, Disaster Management Programmes, Sports and Cultural Development programmes, Stop Terrorism and National /International peace Programmers and all other events, as would be arise in future.

→ The Society will be based on the PRINCIPLES of Zero-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Religious, Non-Castiest, Non-Sex discrimination and having STRONG Believe in Indian Constitution and Law of LAND and in status as autonomous legislative body.

→ To undertake, carryout, promote, sponsor, discharge, fulfill, participate, collaborate, manage and organize the Programmes with Technical, Financial and Other supports with people’s co-operation, Indian and other Governments, Foreign funding agencies, Companies under Corporate Social Responsibility, UNO & it’s Agencies and others, on account of Entry Fee, Membership Fee, Public Donation, Corpus Money, Security Deposit, Secured/unsecured Loan, Grant-in-Aids [Cash & Kinds] and others, to carry out all necessary acts, for the achievement of the objectives of YOUNG.


The organization follows the strategies (as Mentioned above) to collect information and its dissemination for social welfare as mentioned above. Networking and alliance building amongst local communities has emerged as a major requirement especially for creating pressure groups at various levels for appropriate policy changes in the interest of the marginalized sections. Networking amongst partner NGOs, people’s organizations and various pressure groups is an area where DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION puts in extra effort to disseminate relevant information to the largest and widest possible audience. Imparting trainings on different themes to the staff of partner NGOs, community leaders, and networks/forums constitutes one of the key strategies in this regard. Further, developing posters in regional language aimed at reflecting alternative thoughts on issues such as mitigating disasters and environmental hazards, conservation, promotion and enhancing livelihoods, flexes on cross cutting themes presented through pictures and local dialects counts among other initiatives of the organization for information dissemination.


Following are the guiding principles of DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION

→ Utilization of local wisdom and resources.
→ Encouragement of innovation and creativity.
→ Prioritizing quality.
→ Enhancing coordination and networking.
→ Accepting challenges.


 Competitive Environment

• Competitive Position: As the area’s not-for-profits hospitals, DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION have collaborated for the benefit of the community, including Darbhanga Community Clinics providing primary care services for patients unable to pay for their care. Area hospitals and other community organizations formed the Partnership for a Healthy Community that performs community health assessments among other activities. Most recently, the Darbhanga Health Care Task Force, composed partly of representatives of the area hospitals, is addressing the health care needs of the community, including the problem of a growing population of those patients who are unable to pay for health care services.

• Principal Factors Determining Success: DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION Mission, Vision, Values and Pillars (MVVP) would be little more than words and posted placards if not for the top-level commitment and staff of BHI who believe in and live them. The Pillars of Operational Excellence are principle success factors and along with the Mission serve as both DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION points of focus and pathways to achieving its Vision. The organization’s employees are the reason for its success. DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION culture of service excellence focuses on world-class service as a key patient/customer requirement and satisfier, not only for patients and their families, but also for the organization’s employees and for physicians using DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION facilities. The organization continues to define and achieve role model customer satisfaction for all customer groups. Keys to role model employee satisfaction are an emphasis on employee empowerment and sense of ownership along with a culture of open communication and continuing education. Leadership Development of organization’s employees is also a strong focus for DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION, and the organization has been recognized as an industry leader in this arena.

• Key Available Sources of Comparative Data: The health care industry has long experienced difficulty in attaining comparative clinical data, particularly best in class data. Difficulties include unwillingness of providers to share data and the lack of standards for calculating measures. Sources that are available to DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION for comparison include VHA, Solucient Action and Explore, Care Science Clinical Management System (CMS), and National CDC Information Repository for clinical and operational comparisons.

• Strategic Challenges: DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION core strategic challenges focus on its identified Pillars with challenges inherent in each. Each of the five Pillars is equally important, yet organization recognizes that everything it does flows from the People Pillar. Maintaining a balance among the Pillars is a constant focus and in total represents the challenge the organization faces in sustaining its culture that has enabled the organization to implement and sustain industry-leading processes and achieve industry-best results.

  • → People: The health care industry is facing growing labor shortages for nurses and other health care professionals. The health care professional labor market in this market area is highly competitive among area providers. DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION has ability to sustain low turnover and to recruit skilled staff suitable to its service excellence culture remains a key challenge. It has become even more critical to ensure the satisfaction of the organization’s skilled employees and to take the appropriate steps to retain them, while also balancing the resource requirements of other customer segments. Developing organization’s leaders is also crucial to its success, and the organization continues to innovate its leadership development program.
  • → Service: DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION must continue to provide world-class service to all of its customer types. Each year, sustaining the organization’s position as industry leader in patient satisfaction is a challenge. The bar to service excellence continues to be raised throughout the industry, in part thanks to organization’s commitment to sharing its knowledge with other health care providers. DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION also continues to move beyond high customer satisfaction to customer loyalty.
  • → Quality: Achieving and sustaining significant improvements in clinical processes are crucial to success. Throughout the health care industry, there is a focus on patient safety issues. DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION hospitalist program is a key clinical improvement strategy intended to halo over the rest of the medical staff. Organization’s CARE provides a uniform measurement tool with established targets to assist in improved clinical quality.
  • → Financial: DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION must continue to focus on reducing costs and improving revenue. Managed care and governmental payment reductions, including threats of federal and state budget cuts to the Medicaid program, along with Medicare reform, have placed declining pressures on reimbursement rates industry-wide. In addition, managed care providers have slowed payments or increased routine denials to area providers in recent years, placing further pressures on revenue. Costs for providing care are rising throughout the industry, including malpractice insurance, pharmacy costs, costs involved in meeting privacy and security regulations through HIPAA, and the rising costs involved in serving an aging population. Fulfilling this Mission becomes more difficult as the population of those persons who are unable to pay for health care services continues to escalate, particularly in the downtown area where organization is located.
  • → Growth: There are valid human service and business reasons for DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION continued growth. The organization is committed to meeting the ever-expanding health services access and needs of the downtown area population and seeks to secure the financial resources to do so by expanding its services in the population growth areas served by the organization.



The society always aims at Social-service to the needy people. Every non-governmental organization in civil society has a mission for which it mobilizes support, influences governments, international organizations and corporations, raises funds, educates the public, dedicates resources, and represents its members, its beneficiaries, its donors or its stakeholders in a wider sense. In doing so a private NGO seeks to achieve public goods or contributes to social capital, promoting a wider cause than its own continuity. The fundamental responsibility of an NGO is to conduct its affairs in ways that do not adversely affect the peoples, communities, and natural resources it touches.

There are principles for DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION. They provide a high-level guide for trustees and senior managers, to help them make sure that their organization is using funds effectively and that staff are working appropriately. The society always aims at Social service to the needy people. Every non-governmental organization in civil society has a mission for which it mobilizes support, influences governments, international organizations and corporations, raises funds, educates the public, dedicates resources, and represents its members, its beneficiaries, its donors or its stakeholders in a wider sense. In doing so a private NGO seeks to achieve public goods or contributes to social capital, promoting a wider cause than its own continuity. The fundamental responsibility of an NGO is to conduct its affairs in ways that do not adversely affect the peoples, communities, and natural resources it touches.


The DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION must take good care of the resources it is entrusted with and make sure that they are used for the purpose intended. The board of trustees has overall responsibility for this. In practice, managers achieve it through careful strategic planning, setting up appropriate controls, considering risks, and by setting up systems that work in tune with the two golden rules of NGO field work.


The DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION must explain how it has used its resources and what it has achieved as a result to all stakeholders, including beneficiaries. All stakeholders have the right to know how their funds and authority have been used. NGOs have an operational, moral and legal duty to explain their decisions and actions, and submit their financial reports to scrutiny.


The DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION is open about its work, making information about its activities and plans available to relevant stakeholders. This includes preparing accurate, complete and timely financial reports and making them accessible to stakeholders, including beneficiaries.


On a personal level, individuals in the DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION must operate with honesty and propriety. For example, managers and trustees should lead by example in following procedures and by declaring any personal interests that might conflict with their official duties. The integrity of financial reports depends on the accuracy and completeness of financial records.


DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION has established a culture of care that is pervasive throughout the organization. DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION is truly a mission-driven, values-centered, and customer-focused organization with clearly defined principles built on quality and leadership.
DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION Mission is to provide superior service based on our values to improve the quality of life for people and communities served. Its Vision is to become the best health system in Bihar. While this Vision Statement may seem lofty for a community-based health system, the real intent of the Vision is to be the best to those the organization serves – the members of the community. DR. MOHAN CHOUDHARY MEMORIAL FOUNATION Values are clearly defined and used to recruit, orient and train employees, to reinforce the culture of excellence, and to guide decision-making.
→ Integrity: Maintaining the highest standards of behavior; encompassing honesty, ethics, and doing the right things for the right reasons.
→ Vision: The ability and willingness to look forward to the future and make decisions necessary to accomplish important goals.
→ Innovation: Capable of extraordinary creativity and willing to explore new approaches to improving quality of life for all persons.
→ Superior Service: Committed to providing excellent service and compassionate care.
→ Stewardship: Dedicated to responsible stewardship of the organization’s assets and financial resources, and to community service.
→ Teamwork: An abiding respect for others, and a sustaining commitment to work together



 The scope of the trust shall not be limited by the objects as contained herein above and the trustees shall be free to do all such acts and thing in furtherance of and in fulfillment of its charitable objectives directly or indirectly which are not otherwise prohibited by law. However the ultimate objective of the trust will be solely Health and health education.

(a) To arrange and provide such medical aid and such other assistance necessary for living to the needy persons who are otherwise incapable or handicapped or mentally or physically retarded.

(b) To setup and run all types of educational institutions, schools, colleges, technical and vocational education centers including computer education and data processing and to offer consultancy and other services that are normally offered by data processing/ computer centers.

(c) To undertake any work for the development of Panchayati Raj institutions in collaboration with Govt. and other Non-Government organizations.

(d) To set up and run any programme and project for the physical challenged persons and for the persons of disability of any kind and to undertake any activity for the benefits of such persons.

(e) To undertake and carry out any work for the upliftment and welfare of scheduled tribes, backward classes, minority, physically challenged, persons of disability, women, children, deprived and underprivileged and BPL persons.

(f) To undertake and carry out any such work of charitable nature and public utility as may be decided by the board of trustees from time to time.



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